The island of Lošinj is located in the northern part of the Adriatic, anchored in the Kvarner Bay. The hundred year-old tourist tradition and care for nature have made it an island surrounded by crystal clear sea, untouched nature and a mild Mediterranean climate.

The entire coast of the archipelago is resplendent with small bays, basins, islets and cliffs where it is pleasant for a swim and sunbathing during the summer months. The highest hill on the island of Lošinj is Osoršćica that ascends above our Lopari and Rapoća camp sites and our guests describe it as one of their favourite walking paths. The island offers kilometres of orderly walking and hiking paths that, through the exercise of your body and soul, lead you to unique belvederes.

Winters are mild in this area and summers are pleasant and not too hot ensuring a comfortable stay on the island of Lošinj throughout the year.

The island of Lošinj is the successor to a rich past that has left traces of a number of civilizations that can be seen amongst monuments, the language and customs.

Different types of accommodation will ensure your comfort; numerous events, entertainment and friendly employees as well as the same local people will ensure you have pleasant and unfogetable stay on the island of Lošinj!